Apple iPod Raffle

West Plains Odd Fellows will give away a 20GB Apple iPod, retail value $300, on October 15th. Proceeds go towards local scholarships.

Tickets are only $1 or get 6 for $5.

Email oddfellows@gmail.com for info.


Our Noble Grand's New Home Part 2

I'm sure no one finds this interesting but me. I have became very anxious for our Noble Grand to get his house moved and ready to move into. I just know that he will have more time on his hands to help out at the lodge, now that he won't be living so far out of town. Here is the preceding article:
saving home for our noble grand

RAISING THE ROOF, then setting it back down on wheels, was the task of workers with L and R Industries of Cabool and Keller House Moving of Willow Springs, who removed the third floor of this house at 417 Broadway about noon Friday. It was braced by steel I-beams, two running the same direction and one running across them and attached to two cranes with steel chains and cable. Once the cranes started lifting the roof, the job took about 15 minutes and attracted about 50 onlookers, some with video cameras. The building is owned by John Cochran and is being moved to Eighth Street, piece by piece, with the second floor being removed next. The property it sits on is owned by West Plains Savings and Loan, and a bank will be built there once the lot is empty. (Quill/K. Martin)


Groovy Lodge

I found this website recently and thought I should post it here.

Odd Fellows Hall

I think that what they have is just incredible. They would definitely
get my vote for the grooviest lodge out there. Unfortuneately, most of us aren't quite so fortunate to be located on a beautiful island halfway between two centers of coolness like Vancouver and Seattle. Know of any other lodges with waterfront vistas?

Apparently, they are really getting some use out of their facility and also have an active fun lodge. This is similiar to my ideal vision
for a lodge. Not a bunch of stubborn old men who take the ritual,
themselves, and a bygone era way too seriously.

I think I would fit right in with those folks on Orca Island. Too
bad, I'll just have to stick around here in the Midwest.

This is a great example of a lodge that is relevant to their community.

Odd Fellows Hall