Saving A Home--for our Noble Grand

Not much has caught my interest in the last few days. In my small town of West Plains, it doesn't take too much to make the news. Here is an article from our local paper, about our Noble Grand's new house:

Hint: I can't wait till he gets moved in. He will be much closer to the lodge, and we can really put him to work.

SAVING A HOME – This house at 417 Broadway will be moved soon, according to its new owner, John Cochran of West Plains. He told The Quill the building was given to him by the property owners, West Plains Savings and Loan, and he is paying all costs to have it moved to property he owns on Eighth Street. Cochran, who owns Red Apple Grill, has a home out-of-town and is looking forward to having this home closer to work. In December 2004, West Plains Savings and Loan Managing Officer Jack Doss reported the bank would be moving from its current location at 10 Court Square to the Broadway property, purchased from Pete and Melinda Harris. “It would have been a tragedy if this home was torn down,” Cochran said. “It is amazing.” Many large trees in the yard have been cut. Cochran said two cranes will remove the roof, and the bottom floor of the house will be moved to Eighth Street first, followed by the second and third stories. The second story will receive the most damage in the move, he added, and he plans to remodel that section. (Quill/Wilson)


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