SOS Children's Villages - A Waste?

I was looking at the SOS Children's Vilage website the other day, andI did find the village that is supposed to be the Odd Fellows Village.I can't remember the name, just that it is near the Thailand border in Cambodia.

I couldn't find any mention of it being supported by the IOOF on the website. I don't know much about the organization or how much funding we are donating to it? I do have the hunch that most of the IOOF's funding sent to the project comes from our European Members.

It does seem to me that we should get some credit for our part in
this. I know that the all-seeing eye of God sees everything we do,
but shouldn't we toot our own horn?

In my opinion, if our assistance to the SOS organization is so small
that we aren't appreciated, why should we waste funds on a few kids in a country that most Americans have never heard of?

Couldn't we better use this money to promote our order? If I was in
control of the money, the first thing I would do is hire some book
authors, motivational speakers, webmasters-tech guys, and public
relation experts.

If we could find the right people to do these things, this Order could get some attention. They wouldn't even have to be experts, just out-of-work folks. There are probably thousands of authors, who can't get their own books published, but would love to get paid to write a book that further developed the principles of Odd Fellowship for the 21st Century. Every Sunday in America there are thousands of Pastors who have a different sermon for their churches. Any great ones coming out about Odd Fellowship? You can hire an Indian or Pakistani to design an exciting website for cheap. How about a computerized centralized management system that could do away with the need for Grand Lodges and their Secretary's salaries?

We clearly aren't getting much from SGL now. What are they doing? Do they care? Do the members care?


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